and the ss doesn't stand for "standing Still."

Vehicle Showcase

Destruction of the 66 SS 396

Front Clip Off - Engine Out

Body off Chassis - Frame Off

Body off Chassis and Blocked Up

Rebuilding the Chassis (1966)

Sand Blasting, New Parts and Such

The 1967 Chevelle Convertible

I acquired this car a few years ago and it has been kept out of the weather ever since, to bad it was too late.  The Car is in really bad condition and would cost a ton to bring back to life.    

The 67 Chevelle Convertible

The sad part of this story is that I tried to buy this car in 1986 from my great uncle … he refused to sell it.   The car was in great shape with the exception of a “spun bearing”.  I guess sitting out in the rain for 20 years takes it toll.

The car is a Malibu with a 283 and 3 speed transmission.   I bought it for $200 bucks.










Floor Pans and Such









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